Pete OBrien Music



Pete always wanted to play music.

He started guitar at the age of 10 he stopped at  10 ½.

But started again in his 20’s and never looked back.

He has been in different bands playing a variety of music.

But the one dream was to put out a Album of his own music and experiences, now that Dream came true.Pete or P.J. as people know him has worked in the music industry for over 20 years.   

Starting out as a lighting operator for touring bands in the 80's, this took him along the east coast of Australia.

He returned to Bundaberg to work at the Moncrief Theatre where he learnt about different types of music and performance.

Where he worked with some of the greats Tommy Emmanuel , Charlie Pride, Don McLean and many more.

He started singing in a Heavy Rock outfit ''KRYSUS.''  

Also he was in a top 40 band 'Injustice' 

A very cool trio called ''Sunset Drive''

In the early 90's he recorded two songs with the band `'HIGH JINX''.

After this he joined the very successful duo `'BACK 2 BACK''.

After a number of years he decided to go solo with `'P.J''.

                                                  He has Played in    '' Pete OBrien''

                                                                          ‘’Boogie Brothers’’

                                                                           ‘’ The Dirty Creek Boys’’

                                                                            '' OBRIEN ''

                                                                           ''  2  E Z ''

Pete Also works with Movie Music Composer Hermann Unterwurzacher in Vienna.

They have recorded a few tracks and working on different Projects together


October 2012 Pete Released his first Album.

It was Produced at 'Panda Studios' by Dan Drilling in Nashville USA.

Vocals  being recording in Australia at 'Oz_Land Studios' by Peter Knight.

The album has some of the finest Session Musicians in Nashville playing on it.

His new Album : L I F E ;

Is out Now

 Very exciting times ahead.


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